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Feel Younger. Look Better. Be Healthier.


We believe everyone, regardless of age, should be able to look and feel their absolute best. Whether that is getting out of bed without discomfort, having the energy to play with your children and grandchildren, getting a great night sleep, seeing those stubborn wrinkles disappear or any number of age-related issues, Regenafin’s 9 clinically studied ingredients are here to help.*

Supports & Maintains Joint Comfort & Normal Cartilage Regeneration*

As we age, joint discomfort is inevitable in some form or another. Inflammation caused by free radicals, lifestyle and other environmental factors can lead to the breakdown of cartilage in our joints. Typically, this damage occurs in our knees, hips, fingers, toes, and spine.

Supported by the latest in joint health research, Regenafin is formulated using a special combination of Wild Salmon DNA, Sturgeon Caviar Protein, Marine Collagen and Peptides to kickstart, support and maintain joint comfort and normal cartilage regeneration. Whether you are experiencing joint aches and discomfort due to the normal aging process or from life-long athletic activities, there is good news. Regenafin can help get you moving again.*

Improves Energy*

Feeling groggy all the time? Have a hard time getting out of bed? Need an afternoon pick me up? If this sounds all too familiar, rest assured, you are not alone. Life can take a toll on our bodies and cells. Energy zappers are everywhere. Daily stress, pollution and less than ideal nutrition can lead to an unavoidable recipe for cell damage. When our cells are not functioning at optimal levels, ensuing fatigue is almost always a result.

Numerous clinical studies conducted on the impact of combining Marine DNA and Coenzyme Q10 supports a growing body of evidence that these two synergized ingredients are crucial to proper cellular repair and energy production. Utilizing our plant-based capsules with state-of-the-art stomach acid resistant technology, Regenafin delivers these vital nutrients directly to cells in need of repair, unaltered and intact. Now “Carpe diem!”*

Deeper, More Restful Sleep*

Have you ever heard the saying “a good night’s sleep is the key to being your best self?” If you are like millions of Americans who suffer from a lack of quality sleep, each day can be a struggle. Getting the correct amount of quality sleep is incredibly important for your overall health. Studies show getting a quality night’s sleep on a regular basis is linked to a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity and much more. Studies also show a regular intake of Marine DNA can greatly improve the quality of your sleep and get you on your way to being your “best self.” Sweet dreams.*

Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails*

At some point, we all wish we could turn back the hands of time. The market today is saturated with products that only scratch the surface. Lotions and creams, with their minimal absorption and short-term effects, unfortunately do just that, only scratch the surface. The most effective and long term solution to fighting the aging clock must begin by repairing damaged cells from within.

With that end goal in mind, our nutrient rich blend of Wild Salmon DNA, Sturgeon caviar protein, marine collagen, and other antioxidant rich ingredients was developed. If you are looking to turn back the hands of time, Regenafin can help reduce wrinkles and promote healthier hair and nails from within.*

Powerful Antioxidant & Cell Repair*

Antioxidants are essential to our survival. They are our natural defense against harmful free radicals. These unstable molecules are produced when we are exposed to pollution, smoke and even the sun. As we age, our body loses its ability to fight the effects of free radicals. Simply put, they must be caught and neutralized before they cause damage to our cells. Formulated with potent, free radical seeking antioxidants, Regenafin can help provide an essential barrier against these environmental enemies.*

Decreases Mental Fatigue & Stress*

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or find it mentally draining trying to get through your daily “to-do” list? For many of us, mental fatigue and stress is a common daily occurrence sending our already overworked brain into hyper-drive. The resulting anxiety, short temper and spikes in blood pressure can significantly affect our overall health and well-being. If this sounds familiar, the good news is Regenafin's clinically studied ingredients can help combat the mental fog and temporary blues the natural way. Say goodbye to mental fog and hello to productivity. Now back to that “to-do list.”*

Helps Lower Glycemic Index (GI) & Improves Blood Glucose Metabolism*

Glycemic index? Why is that important you ask? Well, the glycemic index (GI) indicates how quickly our body digests food and converts it into blood sugar or glucose. Some studies suggest that low glycemic index diets can lead to many health benefits including a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. Glucose metabolism is not just something those with diabetes should pay attention to, it impacts us all. It affects our metabolic, cardiovascular and nervous system while creating energy that keeps our cells healthy.

Clinical trials conducted on our ingredient Marine Protein N (marine protein hydrolysate) show it can help lower your GI and improve blood glucose metabolism. So, even if you don’t want to take time to look up the GI of the foods you eat, rest assured Regenafin is always looking out for you and your cellular health.*

Exposure to UV radiation, pollution, years of stress, poor nutrition, and the aging process all contribute to cell damage. The type and severity of damage varies from individual to individual.

For many, benefits may be seen or felt within the first few months, while others may take slightly longer. Decades of cell damage will not be reversed overnight. We recommend you make Regenafin part of your long term health regimen to provide essential daily nutrition your body requires.*